Like you, I’ve been involved in relationships all of my life.  I wouldn’t be here without them, and I wouldn’t be the person I am without the relationships that I have had

… including the relationship with the red-hot translucent grandfather rock in a sweat lodge in Minnesota;  and the relationships with so many significant people of many different religious traditions and cultures, who have laughed and cried with me and taught me what it means to them to be alive and faithful.

In this blog I hope to explore some of what I have learned, and to engage with others (you?) in thinking about the building and significance of our relatedness and our relationships. 

Relationships seem to be at the heart of most everything – the cohesion of matter, the uses and abuses of politics, the running of economies, and the health of our communities and ourselves.  I am primarily interested in this latter issue of relationships and wholeness, but am open to –well, to all that is related!

Hope you will join me!