It was non-stop work.

Once they woke up, as it got light, they began to wrestle and scrum with one another, trying out their growls and barks, and pushing the food dish around the kitchen.  So, I was up to feed them, and let them out into the courtyard, where they were learning important skills such as how to tear apart ferns (fun!), how to dig holes (more fun!!), and how to chase each other around and weave in an out among the various obstacles (!!!).Puppies etc 013Puppies etc 010

I made myself a pot of tea each of those puppy mornings, and sat out with them as they learned and grew.  Then cleaned and mopped the kitchen/puppy den, and put them back in for their morning naps, after which I cleaned up the courtyard.  Etc.  etc.  All to be repeated multiple times throughout the days.

The local Humane Society needed foster parents for half a litter of puppies not yet old enough to get their inoculations or to be spayed and made available for adoption.  And so these three pups were with us for 10 days.  Now they all have permanent homes.

We fell in love with them, of course, especially with one of them (of course).  Wasn’t it wonderful, we sobbed to each other, that they now had homes!Puppies etc 008Puppies etc 004

We watched them register birdsong as a relevant sound for the first time; discover grass, and a pond; gather around our feet at the sound of the voices of other “packs” passing near.  A great highlight took place one morning, when they figured out how to climb over my make-shift fence, and I chased them around the neighborhood as they delighted in all of the new sights and smells enveloping them.

It has taken us days to recover from the aches and pains and assorted little wounds of the adventure.  We’ve restored the courtyard plants.  And now we are planning to do it all again!