I’ve been clearing space and making time here in Sarasota, Florida, on the western coast of the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean’s northerly extension.  You could use Google maps or a GPS “app” to try to locate us here, but you will not quite find us that way.  Like the man in the kayak, asking the way to the mangrove tunnel from which we had just come, and looking helplessly and repeatedly at his iphone, you may find it disorienting, or hardly believable, but neither the actual place, nor the route to it, show up on such gadgets.

This is my first post-Facebook blog.  Yes, I know that this means of communication is also dependent on the internet, but I hope that it can be a more meaningful and personal way to stay in contact with many of you, and to allow a more thoughtful, more fully developed, less shallow way of sharing ideas and questions  that interest me.  Let’s make our ways together!

Some of you know that Judith and I have also recently returned from a 6-week pilgrimage of sorts– a 70th year journey with very few goals other than to enjoy some new places and events, to have time with each other, and to discover what there is now to discover.  I’ll be sharing some of that in blogs to come.  It was a very good, unhurried and peaceful trip, without any email, cell phones, television, or regular news.  We had time to meet some people, to talk with one another, to have cream teas, visit with beech trees and walk in the procession celebrating Sainte Foy.

Here we are.  Caught up with ourselves. Doing our best to inhabit our true locations.

I hope you are all well. Let’s stay connected!